Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Tuesday night perusal...

Sorry. I can't help myself. I read all these food policy blogs and inevitably come across several articles that are particularly enlightening and then consequently feel the need to share them with you. Like I said, sorry, but-I-swear-these-are-really-good. I mean, I wouldn't just recommend that you read anything! So, without further ado, I give you tonight's line-up:

* Civil Eats, 13 November: great article on what consumers need to know about genetically engineered food.

* BBC, 2 November: reported on the link between depression and processed foods.

* Civil Eats, 3 November: reviewed the extent to which the Obama administration has followed through on campaign promises to improve the American food system.

* Eat. Drink. Better., 15 November: posted a follow-up article to the one they ran in early September - called "Diet Coke can kill you" - which examined the dangers of aspartame - a common ingredient in diet food and gum - in our food system.

Okay, just a couple more gratuitous links that have nothing to do with food policy. I like them because my brother went to school in Appalachia (check out the link! the new york times did a slide show on his college!) and mountaintop removal bites:

* Grist, 13 November: published a concise and well-written article explaining the history and dangers of mountaintop removal.

* will show you whether the electricity you use comes from coal from mountaintop removal sites.

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